Friday, March 28, 2008

Day off..

Ahhhhh..... a day off. I can't help but continue to watch whatever coverage I can find about the multiple murder/suicide in Iowa City earlier this week. It's amazing what pride and narcissism will do to a person.

I have added a couple of links to the page - I especially enjoy the Anti-Mumia blog. I hope that cop killer rots through a long and miserable life in prison.

I put a link to "Injustice in Seattle" because it's always good to know what one's enemies are up to.

I have also checked out the website. So far, none of the officers that I know have ratings. But it also looks like other cops are getting on there and writing about co-workers. Everything from compliments to Rat accusations. I'm not sure the website is a good idea. It screams of an opportunity to bash people anonymously, with no repercussions. At least with this blog, anyone who knows me will be able to figure out, pretty quickly, who I am.

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Berserk said...

I've got it! You are... Miss Scarlet, in the Study, with the Knife!

Seriously, though, I'm with you on ratemycop. The anonymity is just one of the fatal flaws.