Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mike Mette - Chicago PD

I have to quickly post something here about the information I recently learned about Chicago PD Officer Mike Mette.

Officer Mette visited his younger brother in Dubuque, Iowa, in 2005, where his brother was attending college. They were celebrating his brother's birthday, and, after leaving the bar, they went to a house party. They quickly saw that the house party sucked and left before drinking or paying the $5 bootlegging - er - I mean cup fee.

When Mette and his group were leaving, the host and his buddy - a 6'8" basketball player - confronted them and eventually threatened to call the police. Someone in Mette's group took the host's cell phone and put it in his mailbox.

The host and his buddy continued to harang Mette's group as the left, walking a few blocks to his brother's house. When they got to his brother's house, a confrontation ensued. Ultimately, the host punched Mette in the chest with closed fists three times. As he wound up for number four, Mette clocked him with one punch, knocking the kid out. Everyone stayed on scene and Mette was the one that suggested the police/ambulance be called.

Mette's brother and the host's friend were arrested for public intoxication and Mette was arrested for Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury. I guess the kid that he hit had to be intubated and had a small brain bleed - probably from whacking his head on the sidewalk.

Fast forward to 2007. Mette pled not guilty and had a bench trial in Dubuque County. In her decision, the Judge wrote that Mette was clearly not the aggressor, but found him guilty because, essentially, he did not retreat enough. Apparently, Mette was not entitled to defend himself. Read her ruling here


Currently, Mette is in prison in Iowa and his first parole hearing will be in April.

You can read all about this clusterfu*k at http://www.mikemettedefensefund.com/

Personally, I am sickened by the way this whole thing went down. I'm from Iowa and I am a cop in Iowa and I am ashamed of how this was handled. It seems to me, at the most, Mette should've been cited for Disorderly Conduct for his participation in "mutual combat" and released. Of course, I would've also charged the wonderful party host with the same thing. In reality, he wasn't charged with anything.

And, due to Iowa's sentencing laws, the Judge was obligated to sentence him to a 5 year prison term. She actually stated that a deferred judgement was a better option for this case, but her hands were tied.

I wish someone would have warned Mette before he got into this mess, but if you aren't from Dubuque, you're a bum. The people that are born and raised there have a strange cult-like belief in their town and how awesome it is. Of course, this is the same town that still has KKK ties to this day.

Anyway, please visit his website and read for yourself.

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