Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stupid, drunk college kids.


Iowa City Press Citizen

It was a wild time early Thursday for an Iowa City police officer who tried to write an underage drinking citation to a University of Iowa student.Police said officer Ryan Wood was writing a possession of alcohol under the legal age ticket for Michael Roy Schroeder outside of One-Eyed Jakes. While doing so, two friends of Schroeder ran up to the scene.

Police say one of them, Michael Stanley Fabinski, 19, grabbed the ticket book from Wood and the other man, identified as Michael Alexander Bakerdjis, 20, pushed the officer. Police say both men ran south on Clinton Street.Wood caught Fabinski after he fell at the corner of Clinton and Washington streets. As Wood tried to place him into custody, police say Bakerdjis grabbed the officer to try to get him off Fabinski. Police say Bakerdjis also tried to pull the ticket book away.Police say both men were then able to get away temporarily.

According to police, Bakerdjis ran south on Clinton Street but Fabinski fell again while running across Clinton Street.Wood placed Fabinski into custody, and while he was filling out the paperwork, police say Bakerdjis walked by and was spotted by another officer. Bakerdjis attempted to hide behind some bushes but was arrested.Police say while the officer was occupied with Fabinski and Bakerdjis, Schroeder fled the area. He was later found and arrested at Currier Hall, where he lives.

Sgt. Troy Kelsay said the three men weren’t exactly wearing their thinking caps when they commited the crime.“It was extremely poor judgement,” Kelsay said. Schroeder, who will be 20 next Thursday, was charged with PAULA, public intoxication and escape from custody, which is a serious misdemeanor. Kelsay said had Schroeder simply accepted the PAULA ticket and pleaded guilty to the charge, he would have only faced at $314 fine.Kelsay said the actions of the men turned a routine and basically harmless interaction with the officer into a potentially dangerous situation, noting the potential for injury when the men were fleeing on icy surfaces and Bakerdjis trying to grab Wood close to his firearm.“You introduce all sorts of recipes for disaster for somebody getting seriously hurt or more,” Kelsay said.

Bakerdjis, of 302 South Gilbert St., No. 1226, is charged with two counts of interference with official acts, assault on a peace officer, obstruct prosecution and second-degree robbery. Assault on a peace officer is a serious misdemeanor; obstruct prosecution is an aggravated misdemeanor; second-degree robbery is a class C felony.Fabinski, of 201 E. Burlington St., No. 1531, was charged with public intoxication, two counts of interference with official acts, obstruct prosecution and second-degree robbery. One of the interference with official acts charges is a serious misdemeanor.

The three are originally from Bloomingdale, Ill., and have been friends since childhood, police said.Kelsay said Wood suffered minor injuries that were mostly scrapes and bruises. He finished his shift after documenting his injuries with the watch commander, Kelsay said.

Appeared in the Iowa City Press Citizen February 28, 2008.

What a bunch of morons. Gotta love Fabiniski's face, though.

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