Monday, May 19, 2008

Immigration raid in Postville, Iowa

So, ICE raided AgriProcessors in Postville, Iowa. For those who don't know (which is probably most of you), Postville is a small town in north central Iowa. The odd thing about Postville is the fact that a large population of Hasidic (sp?) Jews live there. Some of those Jews own AgriProcessors, which is a kosher slaughterhouse, one of the only, if not THE only kosher slaughterhouse in the US.

There has also been a large influx of illegal immigrants coming to Postville over recent years. Apparently, the company aided these people in obtaining the paperwork necessary to "legally" work in the US. Many times, this meant using the same Social Security Number for a large number of employees. Other times, the employees would steal someone else's identity to be able to work.

Last week, ICE conducted what has been called the largest raid in US Immigration history in Postville. Many of the detainees have been temporarily housed in the National Cattle Congress, which is basically a fair grounds. Those that have been charged have been shipped to jails all over the state and midwest. Some have been charged and released because they are the only caregiver for children at home.

Nothing has been reported about what, if anything, is going to be done to the owners/administrators at AgriProcessors.

Of course, there was a protest about all of this, as well. All in all, it looks to me to be a circus. Click here if you're interested in some of the press coverage.


For The People said...

How did the bigest raid ever miss the national press. I have seen nothing on it.

DK said...

I don't know how the national press hasn't picked this up. I keep looking for it, but so far nothing. This is especially interesting since the last raid ICE did here (about a year ago) got all kinds of national attention.