Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Off duty carry

I was browsing on Officer.com when I came across this article. It's long, so I just pasted the link here, in case you're interested:

The article is about carrying off duty and why some people don't. It references an article written by the FOP while Congress was considering H.R. 218. I pasted that link here:

Very interesting reading. The FOP article only references officers killed, not those who were injured. I know one officer personally from the Des Moines area that observed a man driving recklessly through the officer's neighborhood while the officer was outside. He had decided to let it go, but when the man came tearing back through his neighborhood again, the officer decided to follow the man to find out what was going on.

He began to follow the driver, who tried to get away by driving down a bike path. The officer knew where the path came out, so he cut the man off. When the car stopped, the officer got out to confront the other driver. That is when the other driver shot the officer. When the officer was lying on the ground, the man shot him in the back at close range.

The officer didn't die, but he was paralyzed from the mid-chest down.

When the bad guy was caught, it was found that he was wanted for several things, the most concerning warrant being for murder.

We all might second-guess the officers decision to insert himself into the situation when it was not necessary (in some people's opinion). Hindsight is 20/20. It definitely got me thinking... I carry off-duty when I leave home to go somewhere. I don't carry in my front yard, mowing or throwing a ball for the dogs. Would I chase after someone in that situation? I don't know... I might, I might not. I could see it going both ways. I think the deciding factor for me would be if my family was home or not. I can definitely understand both decisions.

I think that, no matter which choice you would make, it's vital that cops consider the possibility that they will end up in a confrontation off-duty at some point in their careers and form some kind of plan for what you will do in the event something goes down. Let your family know what to do if something should happen, too. The last thing you want are your wife and kids standing frozen in panic in the middle of the mall as you go charging off after some active shooter.

Just food for thought.

On another, more humorous note, check these morons out:

Men charged after skull dug up, used as bong

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Authorities in Texas have filed corpse-abuse charges against two men who allegedly removed a skull from a grave and used it as a bong.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office confirmed on Thursday that misdemeanor abuse of corpse charges have been filed in the case.

One of the men allegedly told police they dug up a grave in an abandoned cemetery in the woods, removed a head from a body and smoked marijuana using the skull as a bong.

Police found the cemetery and a grave that had been disturbed but are still investigating the rest of the story, officials said.

(Reporting by Bruce Nichols)


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