Thursday, May 1, 2008

Texas Trooper killed

We got this as an informational release today... I hope he gets what is coming to him.

For those of you who are unaware, a DPS Trooper was shot and killed last night in Marion County subsequent a traffic stop. The suspect has been identified as Brandon Wayne Robertson, W/M, DOB: 03/04/71, 6'2" 250 lbs, Red hair, Green eyes. Robertson is a former Texas police officer, believed to be armed with high caliber weapons and over 1000 rounds of ammunition. I would think it safe to assume he could quite possibly have body armor as well. DPS cautioned he apparently initiates pursuit, then without warning abruptly stops and exits his vehicle and opens fire. The Trooper killed yesterday evening was still in his seatbelt. In addition Robertson took the time to shoot the video camera in the patrol unit. Intel shows Robertson's cell phone may have hit a tower in the Shreveport area, however, Texas DPS believes he is still in Texas. Robertson was last driving a 1997 Blue Dodge Intrepid, Texas License #039LCG.

Security directors, please disseminate this information as soon as possible to your security personnel, check your player tracking, hotels, etc. for any information on the suspect. Intel officers, be advised sufficient time has passed for the suspect to have made it to your areas as well. Use extreme caution if/when you find the suspect as he is definitely armed and dangerous.

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Dark Nights said...

We got a report today that Brandon Wayne Robertson was caught. Well not really caught he took the cowards way out by shooting himself. What a POS.